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This is the e-mail campaign page. This contains all of the information on the E-mail campaign that I have initiated. There will be more information soon but until then, this is all there is. I now have some relevent e-mail addresses thanks to simcon from the FreeCraft forum on the Linux Game Tome. They are,,,

I now have an e-mail that Raul Santos sent to Blizzard. It is contained below. Don't forget to visit his homepage at

Dear Blizzard,

I've always been a fan of your games. Ever since the days when you released the first WarCraft. Those were the good days, when we had to use memmaker to have enough memory to play some games! Some might say that it was hell but I actually recall those days with a smile in the corner of my lips.

Time moves on and here we are now, when one single game takes up what used to be entire hard drives and those that used to be small game development companies (like Blizzard) were bought by big entertainment companies and are now worth several million dollars (perhaps more?).

This makes me sad, because money is indeed a bad thing in many ways. One of them is that when people start earning money, they get greedy. They start wanting more and more. And they do anything to get more money into their pockets. This led the video-game industry to a point where selling more than anyone else seems to be more important than making good games.

What happened to good gameplay and good story? All gone. All that matters now is how much blood there is in a game and how good it's graphics are.

But I don't blame Blizzard for this. Actually, Blizzard is one of the few game makers that was able to stay away from the "violence&graphics-only" formula. You have my greatest respect for that.

What you don't have my respect for, is shuting down a hobyist project that was doing nothing wrong. As far as I see it, you shut down FreeCraft because it allowed people use your graphics from Warcraft 2. Perhaps there's more to it than this but unless the FreeCraft project was somehow hurting you - and they weren't - , I don't think you had any reason to shut them down.

Were they stealing clients from you? No. They had an option in their engine to use the graphics from WarCraft 2. I don't want to discuss if that's against some kind of law or disrespects some intelectual property crap. I think it's about time people stop attacking each other because of such stupid things as this one. Unfortunately, this seems to be in vogue, these days. So basically, was the FreeCraft Project hurting you in any way? I don't think so. And neither do hundreds of people around the whole world.

But hey, maybe you were able to see some light we were unable to, and found out something that somehow sliped through our eyes and is indeed hurting Blizzard! Yes, that's probably it. After all, you're the ones with big bucks to hire expensive lawyers, so you must have seen something that we, the small hobyist developers without money, couldn't to see...

So I hope you're satisfied now that you have taken out this big enemy you had, which was preventing you from earning big bucks and therefore preventing you from buying really expensive stuff that is really essential for your life. It was a fair battle and in the end, the side of justice won.

Congratulations, Blizzard.

Let's just hope that no other game developers follow your example...

It is HIGHLY recommended that you do not use this as a template because Blizzard could simply block it from their servers. But, you may use the ideas to communicate to Blizzard about this atrocity.