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6/21/2003Welcome to the save FREE*AFT website. This site is dedicated to saving what was left of the FreeCraft project after the cease and desist order handed down from Blizzard on June 20. I am dedicated to the preservation of this wonderful code and game. I hope that you too will help me in my quest. I have fully removed any Blizzard game from my harddisk and I burned all the disks. I actually photographed the burning of the disk and the logo and hope to have the images on the internet soon. I encourage you to do the same. Find more information on other pages on the links above. Sorry the site is sparce, but there is only so much that I can code a an hour. The name Free*Aft is used to protect myself from Blizzard possibly coming after me.

6/22/2003 Back Again! I have some new updates to give you. I have a new download for DAGS for FreeCraft that was submitted by Razvan Alexander. There is also an e-mail sample that was sent in by Raul Santos. It is really good. I am trying to get my Linux machine online and as soon as I get it going, I think that I'm going to change the FreeCraft source to something different